2 (two) Thermoform Self Forming Teeth Whitening Dental Trays

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Self Forming Teeth Whitening Trays
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Full Mouth, Upper and lower trays
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Economical Teeth whitening

Forming Instructions:

1. Boil water and remove from heat .
2. Holding on-to the tab of the whitening tray, place the tray in to the hot water for 5-10 sec. The tray will start to soften. (Don't over-heat).
3. Remove from water and allow the tray to cool for a few seconds to prevent burning your mouth. When the tray is cool enough, place on-to teeth and bite firmly on-to the whitening tray and suck all the air from the trays to get a tight fit. While sucking out the air, use your fingers to apply pressure to the gums.
4. If the trays didn't form correctly they can be reheated up to 3 times.
5. After the whitening trays have fully cooled and hardened, they can be trimmed using sharp scissors. You want to trim the whitening trays so that they are trimmed right above the gum line and remove any excess from the rear molars. When the whitening tray is trimmed to your liking, the front tab can also be removed.
6. Repeat the above steps for the second whitening tray.
7. If you have any questions on this process, please contact us.

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