Arch Adjustable Dental Impression Tray Works on Upper or Lower Arch

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Adjustable Dental Impression Tray
This impression tray is the only tray that can be used on either the upper or lower arch. It can be adjusted with no additional tools. The width of the tray is adjustable by simply moving the two halves apart. The tray can also be shortened by easily removing the rear sections. In addition to being customizable in both its width and length, it can be converted to a lower tray by removing the palatable area. The flanges can also be shorten to accommodate edentulous patients. This tray's adjustability provides many advantages to doctors including multiple sizing options in one tray, resulting in reduced storage need, and it can easily be used as a custom tray for patients with oral irregularities generating a savings in both time and money. We have a website showing many of the features of our tray at Trays are sold in lots of 12.


  • Use on either Upper or Lower Arch
  • Adjustable length
  • Adjustable Width
  • Can be used as a Sectional Tray
  • Name Plate on both sides
  • Copyright 2021