Your dental retainer cracked, broke, or got misplaced. We get it, these things happen. Pets chew them. They get stepped on. Sometimes, you just forget where you put the thing. If you lost your retainer, you don’t want to put off getting a replacement retainer any longer than you have to. Your teeth can quickly start to shift without a retainer being worn regularly. If your retainer is cracked or broken, it is still best to continue to try to wear it if possible while ordering a new retainer and waiting for it to arrive.

You can get your replacement retainer in one of two ways:

Dentist or Orthodontist

The traditional way to replace a retainer is to go to your dentist or orthodontist. They will likely already have your impression and can make you a replacement retainer based on that. While this may seem like the more convenient option, the price of replacing a retainer through a dentist fluctuates greatly depending on location and even from dentist to dentist. This cost can be anywhere from $200 to $600 per retainer, making replacing your retainer a potentially expensive prospect.

Order Online

One way to remove the overhead costs from a replacement retainer is to go direct to the source by making your own impression and ordering a retainer from the same dental labs that dentists and orthodontists order from. You can order a self-impression kit online at, take your impression at home, and mail it directly into a dental lab to be created. This cuts out the middle man while still getting the same high-quality product. By going this route, upper and lower retainers cost only $95 with shipping included!

SportingSmiles Impression Kit
SportingSmiles Impression Kit

Not all broken retainers necessarily need to be replaced. If you have the Hawley model wire retainers, a dental lab might be able to repair them instead of replacing the retainer. This can be more cost effective, so it may well be worth checking before getting it replaced. Unfortunately, clear Essix-style retainers can’t be repaired when they are cracked.

Thankfully, using our service they are easy and cheap to replace. SportingSmiles offers the ability to reorder upper and lower retainers for $65 after the initial set has been ordered. This means that you can replace your retainer and get a backup for the next time something goes wrong, all for less than you would pay at a dentist’s office. Don’t put your smile in jeopardy and delay replacing your retainer until you can afford it. Get your impression kit today and get a replacement retainer made quickly and cheaply. Why not get a spare while you’re at it for the next mishap? Your smile is worth it!  

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