Your Health and Safety are Important To Us!

At Sporting Smiles we have ALWAYS made the health and safety of our customers and employees a top priority. 

  • Our office staff handling incoming mail and returned impressions wear medical gloves and masks while opening the boxes and the clear bags which enclose your impressions.

  • Our lab technicians wear medical gloves and masks from start to finish while working in the lab on your custom retainers, whitening trays, mouth guards and athletic guards.

  • We take an additional step to further the safety of our entire staff by applying an alcohol-based agent on each returned impressed mold.
  • We routinely clean and sanitize our facility daily.
  • We ensure proper protective equipment is available.
  • We do NOT have walk in customers, ALL BUSINESS is conducted ONLINE.
  • We only allow employees inside our facility and laboratory.
  • All work stations are 6 ft apart.
  • Social distancing is mandatory.
  • We send all outgoing mail and finished products in closed cases and sealed bubble wrapped mailers and custom Sporting Smiles sealed boxes.
  • We manufacture, package and ship 100% of our products from Wisconsin.

You can feel confident in the materials and products you receive from Sporting Smiles.  If you have ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at: [email protected]

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