Custom Dental Fluoride Trays

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Custom Dental Fluoride Trays

Cheap Upper + Lower teeth fluoride dental trays ordered online using an exact impression of your teeth. Same process without the dentist cost. Free 3-way Shipping. 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed. Can be used with Prevident or any other fluoride.

SportingSmiles custom fluoride trays are hand made by a dental lab tech using an exact impression of your teeth. Fluoride trays are effective for people who are prone to tooth decay, and is also known to reduce tooth sensitivity. Many cancer patients recommend using fluoride treatment during chemotherapy to help minimize dental changes. This order is just for the custom trays, No fluoride is included. These trays will work wth PreviDent fluoride gel, or any other brand of fluoride gel.

Our full-mouth professional laboratory-made fluoride trays are made with reservoirs on all sides of the teeth. To maximize the fluoride process, reservoirs allow more fluoride gel to come in contact with the teeth. 

This is the same product you would get from a dentist\orthodontics without the cost and the need of a dental visit.

How it Works:

1.       We will ship the self-impression Kit.
2.       Watch video and take impression at home. Mail back.
3.       We’ll make Custom Trays and ship them back to you.

With your order you will receive:

3 Set of impression material (Part A & B) (1 Spare)
3 Adjustable impression trays and return bags (1 Spare)
1 Instruction pamphlet with return form
1 Prepaid postage return label (domestic orders only)

In your return package you will receive: 
1 Set of Upper and Lower custom fluoride tray with reservoirs on all sides. 
1 Storage case


Free 3way Shipping within the USA. (Return label not included for International)
Expedited order are shipped priority mail (2-3 days) all 3-ways, and rushed in lab. Approximately 10-15 days, depending on shipping.

Additional Putty Add-on (Optional)
2 Sets of Additional spare putty will be included 

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