Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my night grinding guard?

A: As soon as your impression is received, it will take approximately 2 business weeks before your new night guard is completed and shipped. International shipping can be a lengthy process. Please be patient when ordering internationally.

Q: How do I choose between an upper or lower night grinding guard?

A: Most people prefer an upper guard over a lower guard. The upper night grinding guard comes into less contact with your tongue making it more comfortable. Some of our customers feel that the lower is easier to sleep with. Both provide that same protection and is a matter of preference.

Q: Can I order a night grinding guard for a child?

A: We don't recommend anyone under the age of 16 ordering a night guard online. There is many reasons why a child can be grinding their teeth and this should be diagnosed by a dentist.

Q: Can I use my FSA debit card?

A: Yes, you can use your Flexible spending acount on our website. You can use it as a normal credit card. If you FSA requires a more detailed invoice please let SportingSmiles know and we can send you one.

Q: What if I mess up on my impression?

A: If the impression material hardens or the impression doesn't come out well contact us and will send you out a replacement kit free of charge.

Q: How do I pick which night grinding guard will work best for me?

A: The most important part of picking a night grinding guard is understanding your type of bruxism. Some guards are designed to prevent teeth from grinding, others from clenching or a combination of both. Soft Night Guard: This guard is constructed with 3mm of a flexible, soft comfortable material. This night guard works well for teeth clenching and light grinding. Single Layer Hard Night Guard: This guard contains 1mm of a dense protective material. This night guard is designed for people with light grinding that prefer a thinner less bulky solution. Dual Laminate Night Guard: This guard is 3mm thick and combines 1mm of a soft inner material and a 2mm harder exterior. This guard is designed for heavy grinding and moderate clenching. Hard Flexible Night Guard: This guard offers maximum protection with 3mm of an extremely dense material, but is still flexible. This night guard is designed for severe night grinding and strong clenching.

Q: How long do I have to send back the impression kit?

A: The putty will last over 2 years. SportingSmiles will make you product no matter how long it takes for us to receive the kit back.

Q: Our your products BPA Free?

A: All our products are BPA, BPS, DEHP, and latex free

Q: How long will my new night guard last?

A: It can last from 2-5 years or as little as 6 months. It is dependent upon the severity of your grinding, and type of night guard chosen.

Q: Do you ship international?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide and its only 15$ extra for International orders. Our prepaid postage will only work in the United States, you have to simply mail your impressions to us at your cost.

Q: Why is SportingSmiles so much cheaper than my dentist?

A: To purchase a typical night grinding guard in the past, your dentist would have to take an impression at his office, and send it out to a dental laboratory for construction. This requires using valuable office time which needs to be incorporated into the price of the guard. Because we operate our own laboratory and are using a self impression method we are able to dramatically reduce the cost of your night guard.

Q: What Expedited Order (RUSH) include ?

A: Expedited orders will include upgrading shipping for first class mail to priority mail and rushed from 2 weeks in the lab to 1 week in lab.

Q: I have ordered with SportingSmiles before, and would like to reorder another night grinding guard.

A: We maintain all impressions for 1 year after the order date. From that impression we can recreate your night grinding guard at 30% off our standard pricing.

Q: How long does the teeth whitening gel last?

A: Our whitening gel has a 2 years self life. You want to store the whitening gel at or below room temperature away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration can be used to extra the life of the gel. If the  gel gets to hot it will become liquid and will be unusable.

Q: Is there any guarantee with my Dental Guard?

A: SportingSmiles offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your night grinding guard we will create a new one for you free of charge. We only ask that you return the original night guard to us. Our goal is to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and make sure that your experience with SportingSmiles is a positive one.

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