Sporting Smiles Impression Kit


What comes in the Sporting Smiles Impression Kit?

A. Instruction Pamphlet

The Sporting Smiles Home Impression Kit comes with a detailed instructional pamphlet that offers step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect dental impressions. Examples of good and bad impressions are provided as well as picture instructions on how to adjust the patented trays and mix the putty. 

B. Adjustable Trays

Our patented impression kit is patented because of the adjustable trays. These trays were invented to fit any mouth. By snapping off sections of the tray, you can make it customized to fit your mouth. The trays are able to be extended for larger mouths, making these patented trays one of a kind. Sporting Smiles creates the most accurate dental molds because of these adjustable trays. Each Impression Kit will come tailored to your order. For example if you ordered a single retainer, you'll receive one tray. If you ordered a retainer set, you'll receive two trays. We adjust the order depending on the product and how many people the kit is for.

C. Putty Sets

Putty is included in the dental impression kit. The number of sets of putty vary depending on your order. If you ordered a single retainer, you'll receive two sets of putty. If you ordered a retainer set, you'll receive three sets of putty. You have the option of adding extra putty to your order at checkout. The blue and white putty are combined in your hands before rolling the putty into a solid blue color and placing it on the trays. This dental impression putty is safe on your teeth and in your mouth. It will quickly harden around your teeth giving a perfect dental mold of your smile.

D. Customer Info Card

We send all our customers an info card to fill out so we can keep their information on file. This info helps process your order quicker in our system and helps identify future reorders. We request your Name, Phone Number, Address, and Email. There is a special note section where you can request uncommon trims or other speciality needs for your custom dental product. 

E. Free Shipping Label

One of the biggest appeals for Sporting Smiles customers is the ability to receive high-quality custom dental products from home. We make this possible with our impression kit, but we take another extra step to ensure a satisfied customer. We provide free 3-Way shipping with your teeth impression kit. A return label will be provided in your kit that you use to ship the box back to Sporting Smiles after you have completed your approved impressions. 

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