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Reorders can be done online, phone, or by email. We can only do reorders if your order date was within 1 year, If you are not sure on your order date please contact SportingSmiles.

If you lose your guard, need a second guard, or your dogs eats it, we can recreate one for you without another impression being made. Replacement guards are discounted from our standard pricing thus saving you both time and money. We believe this replacement service to be unmatched in the industry.  

Reorder Online:

Reorder Essix Retainers

Reorder Teeth Grinding Guard

Reorder Whitening Trays

Reorder Sports MouthGuards

Questions on your reorder please email us at [email protected] or at 262-290-2396


Reorder Pricing Reorder Pricing:

 Soft Night Guard 50$

Single Layer Hard Night Guard 60$

Dual Laminate Night Guard 65$

Dual Laminate BackCut Night Guard 70$

Hard Flexible Night Guard 70$

Hard Flexible BackCut Night Guard 75$

Single Essix Retainer 55$

Single Essix Plus Retainer 60$

Upper + Lower Retainers 80$

Upper + Lower Essix Plus Retainers 90$

Whitening Trays 45$

3mm Mouthguard 50$

6mm Designed Mouthguard 70$

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