Reorder: Whitening Trays

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Reorder: Whitening Trays

Reordering with Sporting Smiles is an easy and simple process for our returning customers. Customers who reorder within a year of another order receive up to 35 percent off, and their impressions are kept on file for another year! They are also eligible to select any custom dental product. As an example, if you purchased custom Essix-retainers, you can try another product like custom teeth-whitening trays, or a custom athletic mouthguard. Surprises are around every corner, so Sporting Smiles makes it as convenient as possible for repeat customers. Broken, lost, or gross retainers can be replaced in a matter of a few clicks.

Use our reordering system to receive retainer replacements, night guard replacements, teeth-whitening replacements, or mouthguard replacements. You must reorder within a year of purchasing to receive the reorder discount because our warehouse recycles dental impressions after a year in order to make room for new smiles. When reordering a product, make sure we have both impressions of your top or lower teeth if you plan to receive a product that covers both. Sporting Smiles' friendly customer service is happy to answer questions on your impressions. Reach us at [email protected] or give us a call at 262-290-2396.

For more details on Sporting Smiles and our reorder process, see details below.

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