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by Deborah Lundin

Night grinding guards are also known as bruxism splints, teeth splints, tmj guards, occlusal guard, tmj splint, and night guard. At SportingSmiles, our teeth grinding guards come in many different varieties, both for day and night use.

Our teeth grinding guards use an exact impression of your teeth, allowing for the most comfort and best protection available. We make our teeth grinding guards in our own in-house full-time laboratory with a technician with 15+ years of experience, under the direct supervision of a dentist with 30+ years experience.

We offer our cutting-edge impression technology that enables customers to take fully accurate self-impressions in the comfort of their own homes. In 2011 we designed, and later patented, the world’s first dual-arch adjustable dental impression tray that adjusts to all mouth sizes. The tray can be used on both upper and lower teeth and has changed the way that dental impressions are taken. No more costly dental visits and this new technology enables us to keep the costs down and pass the savings on to you.

Flexible Super Hard Day Guard Backcut

We trim this unique, hard, flexible day guard for comfort. Its construction uses a new advanced material that is flexible, but extremely dense. This guard is the same material as our standard hard flexible guard but we trim it from incisor to incisor, leaving a small bridge behind the back of the front teeth. The front teeth are the most sensitive out of all teeth. Keeping the guard from coming in contact with the front teeth makes for a more comfortable fitting guard.

Single Hard Night Guard

This night guard is made with one layer of 1mm clear Ultra-thin hard laminate material. It works for light teeth grinding or customers who don’t like the bulkiness of a typical night guard. This night guard only covers 1/2 of the teeth, keeping it free from contact with the gums. This provides ideal protection to the teeth, while still remaining comfortable. It works for either the upper or lower teeth using our patented dental impression tray.

Soft Night Guard

The soft night guard is made from one layer of 3mm clear soft EVA material. The soft night guard is extremely comfortable and made for heavy teeth clenching and light teeth grinding. If you are a moderate to severe teeth grinder, you want to turn to the Hard Flexible Night Guard instead. The soft night guard works for either the upper or lower teeth.

Dual Laminate Day Guard Back Cut

This Dual Laminate Back Cut Day Guard version is created from 1mm soft interior laminate to ensure comfort, as well as a 2mm harder external surface to ensure long-lasting durability. This guard works for individuals with moderate to severe night grinding and light clenching. We use a positive pressure forming machine rather than the vacuum former that our competitors use. This allows for the tightest day guard available.

Flexible Super Hard Night Guard

This unique hard flexible dental night teeth grinding guard is made from a new advanced material that is flexible, but extremely dense. The flexibility of this guard makes it work well for teeth clenching, while the density can hold up to the most severe teeth grinding. This is the only guard that our doctor prescribes in his practice. The hard flexible night guard works for either the upper or lower teeth but will provide the same level of protection.

Dual Laminate Night Guard

Our Dual Laminate Night Guard is made from two separate materials formed into one guard. A 1mm soft interior laminate assures comfort and the 2mm harder external surface assures long-lasting durability. This device works for individuals with moderate to severe night grinding and light clenching.

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