We get asked this question often, and it’s hard to give an exact answer. We use the analogy of a pair of running shoes and an Olympic athlete. A standard pair of running shoes might last the typical person a couple years, but an Olympic athlete only a couple months. If you are a severe grinding\clencher the lifespan of the guard with be dramatically shortened.

When trying to get the longest lifespan out of a night guard it is important to make sure that you have the proper night guard for your type of clenching or grinding. If you have the proper night guard it will typically last 2-5 years.

Night Guard

We have customers say they had the same night guard for over 10 years. When this is said they normally had a hard acrylic night guard. Studies have shown that solid acrylic night guards did more harm than good. A night guard is designed to be softer then the teeth so that the guard will wear and protect the teeth from wear.

To get the longest life span our out a night guard:

1: Pick the correct night guard. –Make sure your guard works for your type of grinding\clenching.

2: Clean night guard regularly –Use a quality cleaner to disinfect and prevent yellowing. Do not use alcohol based mouthwash.

3: Store Guard Correctly – Dogs love to chew on night guards. Make sure your guard is always in the case and out of reach of animals.

It’s always a good idea to have a duplicate of night guard in case one is lost. The backup can be worn while a replacement is being created. For more information on the different types of teeth grinding guards visit http://www.sportingsmiles.com/