About Us

SportingSmiles was started in 2009 in Brookfield, WI with the primary goal of helping individuals protect their smiles. Our founder, Evan McCarthy, noticed that many people were unable to afford quality dental products due to the high cost. These high prices were because custom dental and orthodontic guards and retainers were only available through dentists with lots of overhead costs. He set out to develop a process for creating custom dental products at a more reasonable price while still maintaining dental lab quality. By working directly with labs and eliminating the middlemen, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality, custom products at the lowest price possible.


A vital part of our process is our cutting-edge impression technology that enables customers to take fully accurate self-impressions in the comfort of their own homes. In 2011 we designed and later patented the world’s first dual-arch adjustable dental impression tray that adjusts to all mouth sizes. The tray can be used on both upper and lower teeth and has changed the way that dental impressions are taken, making our mission possible. Before the dental impression tray was invented, it was difficult to pick the correct tray size for your mouth. Trial and error was the easiest way to find the right size, making online distribution difficult. Now we are able to quickly and easily get an accurate impression of your teeth, create a mold, and send you your custom retainer in record time.


In 2011, empowered by the dual-arch impression tray, we started making teeth whitening trays to go along with our Essix clear retainers, teeth grind grinding guards, and sports mouth guards. With the new dental tray and additional products, SportingSmiles grew rapidly. We soon found ourselves running out of space. Mainly because all the impressions we make are kept for one year after being created, allowing us to make replacement retainers or guards quickly and at a discounted price.


We have continued to make the same high-quality products that we started with back in 2009, but the way we make the products has modernized significantly. Since moving into our new 10,000 sq ft office in Waukesha in 2018, the dental impressions are 3D scanned into a computer system and a 3D printed model of your teeth is the made. This allows for the highly accurate impressions, giving you the most comfortable and effective retainers and guards available. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call us at 262-290-2396.


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