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SportingSmiles was started in 2009 in Brookfield, WI with the primary goal of helping individuals protect their smiles, by helping alleviate joint pain, and preventing injury. In the past we have seen many people who were unable to afford quality dental products due to the high cost. These were previously available only from traditional sources. We wanted to develop a process that created custom dental products that would be available at a more reasonable price, while still maintaining dental lab quality.

In 2011 we designed and patented in 2013 the first every dual arch adjustable dental impression tray that is adjustable to all size mouths and can be used on your upper or lower teeth. This was the first of its kind and changed they way dental impression are taken. The self- impression kit allows the normal person to accurately take their own impressions at home. Before the dental impression tray was invented it was difficult to pick the correct size tray for your size mouth, and trial and error was the common way to size the tray correctly.

We started adding different products to our lineup. In 2011 we started making teeth whitening trays to go along with our essix clear retainers, teeth grind grinding guards, and sports mouths guards. With the new dental tray and additional products SportingSmiles rapidly started to grow. We soon found our selves running out of space. Manly because all the impression are keep for 1 year for reordering. Which remain doing till this day.

We have continued to make the same product that we started with in 2009, but the way the products have been made has gone high tech. Since moving in to our new 10,000 sq ft office in Waukesha in 2018 the dental impressions are now 3d scanned in to a computer system, and a 3d printed model of your teeth is the made. This allows for the most accurate impression possible. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 262-290-2396.

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