See how easy it is to take your own dental impressions at home

Video Instructions:

Written Instructions:


Adjust Tray

Our impression tray is adjustable to all size mouths. The tray comes pre-sized for medium size mouths and no adjustment might be required. Reduce the width of the tray by pushing the to sides together. Pull the tray to increase the width. You want your teeth to be centered with in the tray.

Note: Brush your teeth and make sure your hands are clean!


Snap to Adjust

If the tray is too long, break off the rear of the tray. Most people don’t need to remove the rear section. Only do so if the tray will not fit in your mouth.


Check Sizing

You want your teeth to be centered in the tray. You can check the size by moving the impression tray back and forth in your mouth to confirm there is an equal distance between the tray and your teeth.

Tip: To be more accurate use a mirror!


Mix the Putty

The putty is a two-part system, A and B. Soon as the putty is mixed together it will start to harden. Make sure the putty is at room temperature. You want to mix the putty together as quickly as possible, this only has to be done until the putty is uniformly mixed. Soon as you don’t see any white putty you want to stop. You have around 25 seconds to mix the putty, but the sooner you're done the better.

Note: If the putty is refrigerated it gives extra time before setting.


Create a Tube

The impression material should then be rolled into a 4 to 5 inch cylinder shape. Place the putty into the tray filling it completely.


Reference Marks

Make a reference mark on the putty using a straight edge like a butter knife on where you want your front teeth to be positioned. Using a mirror position your front teeth on the reference line.


Bite and Wait

Making sure the tray is parallel with your teeth push on the tray using your thumbs to push evenly on the rear of your canine teeth as deep as you can. You want to make sure your lip is on the outside of the tray. You don’t want to move around or wiggle the tray while the putty is hardening. Make sure the putty covers the gums completely.

Tip: To be more accurate use a mirror!


Remove the Tray

After 4:00 minutes remove the tray by using two hands and applying pressure to the dies of the tray. You don’t want to use the handle to remove the impression.

Tip: To be more accurate use a mirror!

Good Impressions

Nice and Deep

Gumline present around all teeth, and putty goes over the gumline.

Fully Covered Teeth

Back teeth are captured and visible on the impression.

Bad Impressions


Putty wasn't bitten into deep enough or not bitten in evenly from front to back teeth.

Dried Putty

Didn’t bite into the putty quick enough and putty started to harden.

Hit Front of Tray

Bit to close to the front causing the tray to come through the putty.

Off the Tray

The trays weren’t sized correctly causing the teeth to hit the edge of the tray.

Improperly Mixed Putty

The putty should be fully mixed, and you should not see any white in the putty.


Didn’t bite parallel into the impression putty or removed impression before hardening.

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