Taking Dental Impressions At Home Is Easy!



  • Put the Tray in your mouth
  • Move it back and forth
  • There must be equal distance between the tray and your teeth
  • Your teeth must be centered


      • Adjustments may NOT be needed
      • Comes pre-sized as Medium
      • Reduce by pushing sides together
      • Increase by pulling sides apart
      • Your teeth must be centered

            STEP 2  SNAPPING TRAY

            • Snapping is USUALLY NOT needed
            • ONLY snap if too long
            • If you snap the tray and your molars are not captured they will NOT be usable

              PUTTY AND BITING

              STEP 1  MIX THE PUTTY

              • Putty must be room temperature
              • Mix parts A & B together until uniform (Max 25 Seconds)
              • NO white putty should be visible

                STEP 2  MAKE A TUBE

                • Immediately roll the putty
                • Make a 5 inch cylinder shape tube
                • Get ready to fill the tray
                • Putty must fill the tray completely

                    STEP 3  REFERENCE MARK

                    • Use a straight edge to mark where your front teeth will bite down
                    • Use a mirror to help guide you to the reference mark

                    STEP 4  BITE AND WAIT

                    • Tray must be parallel with teeth
                    • Use thumbs to push hard and evenly on rear canine teeth
                    • Lip must be outside the tray
                    • Remove ONLY after 4 minutes
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